East Hill

East Hill, Pensacola is a beautiful Florida town with historical roots. Beginning in the late 1800’s, East Hill was a thriving hub for trading and commerce. Later on, East Hill became one of the most desired locations in Pensacola: its high ground offered protection from flooding and storms, and it had a great location because it was close to the downtown area, and to Pensacola’s bustling port. Influenced by Spanish architecture, striking, high-quality homes were constructed carefully by artists and craftsmen. From vast mansions to enchanting cottages, East Hill’s suburban, tree-lined streets were full of beautiful housing options.

Many newer, more modern houses started being built in the mid 1900’s, and more people flocked to East Hill. However, as the population grew, many people began to appreciate the style and charm of the older East Hill Homes. Nowadays, East Hill is a thriving and diverse town. It’s a multicultural community that includes people from all walks of life- professionals, tradesmen, and artists. The eclectic neighborhoods of East Hill are full of old charming houses, as well as contemporary, trendy ones.

East Hill gives off a distinct small-town vibe, while still bringing in modern elements that are common to most towns. East Hill’s charming City Grocery and deli has weekly wine tastings; in the warmer weather, residents take their dogs for walks around Bayview Park, or for swims in Bayou Texar; mom-and-pop establishments like J’s Pastry Shop offer delicious, local food choices. East Hill also has numerous neighborhood parks. No matter what you’re looking for, East Hill is a beautiful and charming place to find it!
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